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If you love tech, AI, crypto, the Metaverse, or just like to geek out and make things work – we’re looking for you!

Limex's core values

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We are consumer advocates
We are innovators
If it's not making your life more efficient, easier, or adding a little fun in your day — we don't build it.
Two goals each day:
1. break the previous day's coffee intake record
2. challenge the status quo We like to push past the limit of what yesterday's possible was
We are open-minded
We are diverse
Have a crazy idea? Hit us up.
We are always on the hunt to try something new.
We are lucky to have a team of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and locations. Our team operates out of 65 locations all over the world bringing the best in tech from every corner of the globe.

Our Leaders about Limex

Limex's leadership

Coeli Ayres
Daria Vartanova
Managing Director at Lime Fintech
Managing Director at Lime Fintech
"Every single day I set out to shred the norms and red tape to release gate-kept tech Wall Street has historically reserved for middlemen. Backed by battle-tested, proven technology, Lime is able to create new ways for people to meaningfully connect with the global economy and the opportunities it holds. I’m grateful to be free to influence the way next-gen traders and investors experience the market.”
“It is no longer about acquiring clients; it is about engaging with the community and providing a variety of services. Our mission at Lime Fintech is to make finances fun and exciting, we always aim to make the end-user's experience stress-free.“


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Benefits for the Limex family

Fully paid health, vision, & dental
Four weeks paid time off
Paid NYSE holidays off
Parental leave 
Competitive salaries & room to grow within the company
401K match, fully vested from day one

For US team members

For international team members

We hire worldwide and will discuss benefits with international candidates directly