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March 1, 2024
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Master the art of pair trading and arbitrage
Expand your trading strategies to leverage winning strategies used by major hedge funds for decades


Learning program benefits

Strategies: democritized
Instead of costly teams of quants and data feeds, GainTrade makes it easy for one person to trade like a hedge fund
Built for traders
Continued learning and honing of your strategies can give you an edge over other traders with just one strategy
Market volatility strategy
Pair trading can help traders weather market shifts with lower correlation to downturn.
When it comes to this strategy, speed and precision are everything. This new technology makes it possible for traders to analyze hundreds of pairs and make quick trades — no team of quants required.
Experience pair trading & arbitrage


Is this course right for you?

Change in career
Financial professionals that want to change to be more hands on with trading can learn in minimal time.
Quants & algo traders
Simplifying your trading set up has never been easier when using AI-powered tools like GainTrade
Innovative traders
who want to explore innovative trading strategies beyond traditional stock market investments.



Connect and grow together
  • Learn to set up trading bots with ease, no programming required.
Certification and advancement
  • Discover three lucrative pair trading strategies.
  • Explore the possibilities GainTrade's robust platform provides traders
Complete the course, pass the exam, and the best traders will gain access to private mentorship and a chance to work with GainTrade.ai's prop firm.
  • Jumpstart a full time trading career using new trading technology
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