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API Trading Contest | July 24th - october 30th

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About the contest

Propose new features or trading API ideas for traders
Traders worldwide eager for change and making their mark on the industry
July 24th - October 30th
Submit your pitch through the Typeform
Because you have the chance to voice what you've always wanted a technology provider to build --and we can't wait to listen!

How to participate

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Simply fill out the registration form on this page to enter the competition. Make sure to double-check your email's spelling so we can reach you effectively.
Follow the link provided in the email to access the Typeform. Share your brilliant ideas, providing explanations and supporting materials where needed.
Our team of expert judges will review all submissions for creativity, feasibility, and potential impact to choose the winners. You'll hear from us via email within 5 business days after the contest ends.
You will receive an email containing all the necessary information within 5 minutes after you've filled out the application form.
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Your feedback will directly influence the development and enhancement of Lime APIs, impacting the API-trading community, globally
Stand a chance to win cash prizes of up to $10,000. Reward yourself for your valuable contributions and trading expertise
Join us in revolutionizing API-trading and shaping the future of global markets
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Rules and Guidelines

Please review the contest rules and guidelines thoroughly to understand the requirements and trading parameters. Familiarize yourself with the trading platform and the API documentation provided to ensure you have a clear understanding of the available functionalities

You Can Base Your Idea on Our API!

Take advantage of the API documentation to gain a comprehensive understanding of the available API endpoints and their usage
Python SDK
API documentation
If you want to share ideas about our API integration process